Welcome to the first Minecraft Master Site. I’m going to make a minecraft server and maybe a minecraft tutorial. On this website I’m going to say how to make stuff and talk about the mobs. If someone know’s how to make a server, tell me please. I have problems with the server :( . I dont really have much time to work at the website, sorry about that, but if I have time, I will work on this.

If you want to tell you’re friends, family or someone else about this website, it will give me more inspiration to work on this website, sometimes I think nobody visit’s my website it has no use to work on it. Thank you guys for visiting me, and the guys who leaved a comment. It inspired me to don’t stop with the website. Thanks to Elba, Hosea and Mars. These people’s were the first who leaved a comment.

Every Wednesday and Friday I will work on the website.




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